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Assalaamu alaikum ✌🏻

Today’s post might be leaning more into the rant category. Today I’d like to talk about modest fashion bloggers and youtubers – or more specifically how they’re treated by the Ummah. You see, ever since I began wearing head coverings, which by the way was well before converting to Islam, I have looked up hijab tutorials on YouTube. One of the first youtubers and bloggers I found at the end of 2013 was Dina Tokio. I loved her right away. I also found many others. These people who taught me to wrap a hijab back when I was wearing it as a Christian also normalized Islam for me and educated me about it. They showed me that you could be witty, intelligent, and full of personality while also being devout. I’ve followed Dina for years and it feels like I know her because I’ve watched her grow and now her little one is growing! 

But the people – especially men – who watch these ladies were far less edifying in their attitudes than were the women themselves. From the first video I ever watched, I needed only to scroll down a bit to see a flood of comments about the sisters supposedly not wearing hijab properly. Their arms weren’t covered enough. Too much neck or hair was showing. Their clothes were too tight. Blah blah blah. This attitude is appalling. 

Let me tell you what I see when I watch these ladies. I see the long Arabic duas they make in the middle of their daily vlogs, duas that if I wanted to make them I’d have to read them from my little dua book! I see them fasting long hours. I see them knowing Arabic, the language of the Quran, better than I ever will. I see them being funny and sweet and compassionate. I see them working hard to cater to those of us in a market that has been tragically neglected by the mainstream. I see them struggling so hard with their hijab, deciding to wear it as best as they can, and then persisting despite cruel commenters telling them that it would be better if they just took it off! Imagine telling someone to disobey Allah subhanahu wa ta’alla just because that person finds obedience challenging! Astagfirullah. If I, a mere human, can see such goodness, imagine what Allah Himself must see through His merciful perspective! And yet there you are, typing up half a book about the horror of showing one’s forearm. 

If you have so much time on your hands so as to be able to constantly and cruelly criticize others, why not instead be the pious Muslim you claim to be and go pray some sunnah prayers. Go fast on Mondays and Thursdays until you’re too tired to cuss others out. Learn to imitate our perfect Prophet (saws) by being kind and merciful. And here’s one for you: men, practice your hijab by lowering your gaze! You shouldn’t even be watching these women so intently as to know everything about what they wear. Close the video and go repent. 

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