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Assalaamu alaikum…. Goodness knows we need salaam! 

It happened again in England. This time in London. First of all let me say loud and clear that I join with my fellow Muslims in wholeheartedly condemning this latest act of terrorism and all other such acts. They are deplorable and go against every Islamic value and teaching. Having said that, allow me to address some misconceptions about Islam and terrorism.

Not only are Muslims not terrorists, but also no matter what terrorists say, terrorists by their very nature are not Muslims. Quran 2:256 says, “Let there be no compulsion in religion….” Quran 109:1-6 tells us to tell non Muslims “to you your religion and to me mine…,” rather than argue with them, much less fight them. Quran 5:32 tells us that in the eyes of God killing one innocent person is like killing all of humanity. Likewise, to save one innocent person is to save all of humanity. Murder is obviously therefore a huge sin. Terrorists, by perpetrating horrid acts, are going directly against the Word of Allah. They are heretics and outside of the fold of Islam. We should realize that if they call themselves Muslims, they’re lying just as they lie about everything else. Why should anyone take their word for anything?

People who claim to be Muslim aren’t the only terrorists. There is, for example, a “Christian” group called The Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa. Or, how about Buddhist violence in Asia? Hindu terror in India? Zionist Jewish violence? And so on. No one calls these religions inherently violent or flawed, nor does anyone say that they have teachings that cause violence. That is as it should be. And because their violence typically targets people of color, the western media pays little attention to them. Everyone recognizes that these terrorists aren’t reflective of the religions they falsely claim to represent. We realize that these terrorists cannot and must not be trusted to tell us the truth about religion. Muslims and Islam deserve the same trust and intellectual honesty. 

Some people think that Muslims don’t publicly speak out in condemnation of terrorism. This isn’t true. There are at least hundreds of instances of high profiles Islamic religious leaders speaking out against hate and terror. There’s this, for example. Or how about the Chief Egyptian Mufti who issued a fatwa (formal Islamic legal ruling) against terrorism. Then there’s the case of SEVENTY THOUSAND clerics in India issuing a ruling against terrorism. I could go on for ages. The cases of Muslims speaking up and out against violence are innumerable. They are available for anyone willing to see them. We ask that you hear our voices and believe us when we do everything we can to condemn hate and violence. Such deplorable actions being committed in God’s name is a sacrilege, as I’m sure we can all agree. 

Please realize that Muslims cannot control terrorism anymore than anyone else can, but if we could we’d eradicate it. And when we have the opportunity to do something, we do. Besides fatawa against terrorism, every imam I’ve known has delivered khutbahs (sermons) right in the mosque against terrorism. There are many US Muslim soldiers working to keep peace in the world and eradicate terrorist groups. 

I hope that this blog post has been informative. If anyone has questions about Islam or anything mentioned in the article, please leave a comment below or message me on my Facebook page. Thank you. 

Wa as salaam!