So, a lot of people are asking what they can do to support the Muslim community as we face four (who knows? maybe eight!) years of systematic discrimination. Some ideas for standing in concrete solidarity with us to actually relieve our burdens would be to: 1) take flowers and cards to local mosques to show love. 2) start attending interfaith events at mosques to get to know us. We don’t bite, I promise! 3) offer to escort women in hijab if they’re afraid to go out, especially in specific areas. 4) sit with and begin conversing with immigrants and Muslim women you see on public transportation, especially if someone is harassing them. 5) learn how to safely and effectively intervene when a Muslim woman is being harassed, and be prepared to put such skills to use. 6) provide emotional support. Right now we are scared and need love. 7) ask us individually what we need and how you can help us one on one, and then listen to what we say. Above all, listen to us. Right now society isn’t hearing us. 8) Contact your senators and representatives to speak up against policies that negatively affect Muslims. 9) Take part in peaceful protests. 10) Engage family and friends who are islamophobic in discussion. Educate them, and don’t let their hate slide. Don’t go with the flow! They won’t listen to us, so be our voice. 11) Learn the basics about Islam so that you can educate people and also so that you can lose any misconceptions that you may still have. 
There’s always more, but those are some starters. Thank you for your allyship! 

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