Today when I woke up the first thing I saw was the video of the shooting of two television reporters. I am horrified. They were young, full of love, hopes, and dreams. They were each in love with someone and were making plans for their futures. They went to work today to find and share truth and help the rest of us know more about the world we live in. And some horrible, evil person – I won’t name that person because I don’t want them to have what they wanted (fame) – shot them down. I don’t understand this world. Most of the over seven billion inhabitants of our planet are good people. Yet somehow we listen to crazy leaders who only want money, power, and fame. We let them tell us to go to war, to be selfish, to hate everyone who is different. When will this stop? How many fellow humans must we kill or maim before we WAKE UP and stop?

From the beginning of time we have been dividing the union of humanity along made-up lines – territorial boundaries, national borders, languages, age, class, race, skin tone, gender, religious disagreements, and anything else we can make up. Instead of being afraid of all our fellow beautiful people in the world, instead of fearing what is different and hating what we fear, what would the world be like if we loved unconditionally? If, when we saw someone we don’t understand or even like, we saw them for their potential, their dreams, and for their soul that isn’t so different from our own?

I don't see any borders, or races, or classes. I see one planet for us all.

I don’t see any borders, or races, or classes. I see one planet for us all.