This is so cute and funny! I will admit it – I’ve used my hijab as a phone holder hahaha


So I have been seeing more and more lately, Muslim woman who wear the hijab are stuffing their cell phone in their hijabs and talking on them.

I am confused about this.  Why is this becoming a trend?  Is it too hard to hear the caller through the hijab cloth using the cell phone the regular way?  Are the phones getting so heany that holding it to your ear to talk now hurts your wrist?

On hot days where you are sweating doesn’t the phone get moist, I know I used to put my cellphone in my bra and I had to get my phone replaced as the moisture caused the phone to malfunction?

If you wear makeup does it smear on your phone?

Does the weight of the phone pull down on the hijab so it is slowly coming undone, loose and falling of your head?

You know if…

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