I love this article. I actually rather agree! I say Happy Holidays, not Merry Christmas. I want “under God” removed from our Pledge of Allegiance. And I want our society to validate everyone’s faith or lack thereof.

The Queen of Cups

FlagSome of you may fall into this category. Some of you probably don’t. I know that I do, to some respect – that is, the category of atheists who harbor seemingly pathological anger at organized religion.

I will be the first to admit that this anger is sometimes pathological. It skews our views just as much as blind devotion to a religion would: humans, atheist and religious alike, are quick to imperfect instinctive calculations (read: prejudice) such as using a person’s professed religious beliefs to decide if they are trustworthy, or basing our opinions more on “what do other people like me believe?” than on evidence.

The divide between members of different religions sometimes seems insurmountable. Even having belonged to several myself, it can be difficult to recall what it was like to be a member of the group I’m not currently in. “What made me think that X was reasonable?” “What…

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