Wowwww such a cute look!

Maxi skirts, just like your fav pair of skinnies, are so easy to wear and that’s what makes them a favorite of mine. You can pair a plain/printed maxi skirt with a chiffon shirt, a cardi or even a sweater – it’s so versatile and such a great investment!

For this look, I paired this mint/turquoise maxi skirt with this peplum top with stunning pearl detail. I purchased this pearl peplum top last year or so and it has quickly become one of my treasured pieces – you don’t find tops like this one everyday!


For my accessories, I opted for 2 pearl bracelets that I made myself (YAY! for DIYs), an infinity ring and a two-toned pink scarf that I pinched from my mom. I opted for the pink scarf because I felt the look needed a pop of colour and the pink worked perfectly!



The beautiful cutout bag…

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