Although this outfit post is belated, I still want to share it with you all. I really like these colors and pieces. I hope it gives you some hijabi outfit ideas! 

  First, the makeup. I used colors that matched my clothes, and I kept it light and simple. 


Clothes – let’s start with the hijab. It’s a large square scarf that I wrapped to give loads of coverage. I really like this style because it gives so much coverage on the front and back. It’s very hard to cover the part of the neck between the back hairline and the top of the shirt. This hijab style eliminates that issue.  



This tunic blouse had super short sleeves. So I put a long sleeved blouse underneath. And I love the gigantic flower on it! Oh yeah, and the jewelry! All the jewelry items are consignment sale finds 😉



I think I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – I love jeans, but they’re hard to wear modestly! So I try to stick to wearing tunics over them. Hijab is a process though, so there are days that I don’t use something that covers my… behind region. I wear a blouse tucked in so it won’t show my belly. I know that’s something I need to work on though. 

Also it’s important to me to wear loser jeans. Slightly flared jeans worn with a tunic/short dress are a perfect modest look.


Last but never least, THE SHOES. Hahaha. I used a pretty pair of flip flops because it was really hot a few days ago when I used this outfit. I love embellished flip flops! 

Well that’s all for today, lovely souls! I hope you enjoyed this post! 😀