Excellent point made here.

Xavier With X

“(…) what is to be made of these New York women teetering on the balls of their feet on stilts? Imagine walking for an hour in such shoes, let alone running for a bus, chasing after children, navigating inclement weather, standing all day at work or even for just two hours at a cocktail party in them. In Islamic female religious dress, one would surely be more comfortable, far less likely to sprain an ankle, slip on ice, trip on an uneven sidewalk, permanently damage one’s feet, or succumb to chronic sciatica or other back injuries. One might also have better concentration, a wider subjective imaginary, and more versatility in greeting the various episodes and possibilities of a day. In short, if shoes nearly impossible to stand let alone walk in are freely chosen, that does not make them shoes of freedom, something of course that can be said…

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