Every woman should dress as she pleases. And the height of hypocrisy is to say that, and then support niqab/burqa bans or simply discriminate against niqabis.


Yes I am a Muslim and I am proud to be one; I respect each and every religion and their believes, but I fail to understand this stupid new mordern outlook of people around me..
First of all please tell me what being modern is?
Wearing short clothes? Being okay with one night stands? Being educated? Respecting everyone’s decisions? Please tell me what being mordern is!
My religion teaches me to respect every person and every religion and to see each human being as human first and then comes the religion..respecting everyone irrespective of their age
This is what I believe in and what I have learnt through all these years

I started wearing a burkha since last few months and I saw people’s attitude change towards me drastically
They look at me like I have done something heinously wrong something very disrespectful.
These are the people who stand for…

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