Horrible! Something must be done.

Dr. Lorena Brownlee

On Tuesday a pregnant Muslim woman wearing a tracksuit with a hijab was attacked and beaten in Toulouse, southern France. After dropping her 2 children off at school , this woman who is in her last trimester of pregnancy, was approached by 2 European men, one of which began to hit and throw her to the ground, ripping off her hijab while yelling “none of that here” and pulling a knife out on her.

Although the other man did stop the physical abuse, they both began to yell racial obscenities at her as they proceeded to run off while threatening to kill her. In 2013, a similar attack occurred when a pregnant Muslim woman was heinously attacked by skinheads in France that resulted in her having a miscarriage.

Since January attacks and threats against the Muslim population in France have escalated. In just the first 2 weeks alone of the…

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