I know it’s been forever since my last Outfit Of The Day post, but today I just couldn’t resist blogging this ensemble! It felt so me. 

So first let me talk about the headscarf. It’s called an Al Ameerah. I’ve really been into the Al Ameerah look lately. It’s clean, simple, easy, and comfortable. For those who aren’t familiar with the Al Ameerah, it is composed of a tube undercap and a larger tube which is pulled over the head. This second tube has an opening for the face and the other opening causing it to rest comfortably over the neck, chest, and shoulders. This tan one was a gift, but they can easily be purchased online for about $15 (USA).  Many Islamic shops also stock them in a variety of colors and sizes.

Can we all just take note of this dress?! I bough it at an upscale thrift shop. I love it! It’s so unique and elegant. The pattern reminds me of a stained glass window in a cathedral. I also love the color scheme. Purples really speak to my personal energy! But yet, this dress also includes other colors that can be beautifully expounded upon to create an endless variety of looks.

Because hijab means I have to cover my whole legs, and this dress lands only at mid calf, I have to cover my legs somehow. So I used matching leggings. Not the transparent kind, but the thick kind that you can’t see my skin through. This is one of my favorite ways of making dresses and skirts modest; assuming it’s already at past knee length, and is loose. 

I absolutely love these nude/tan pumps. They have a low heel and match everything. They’re also surprisingly comfortable! In the above picture you can also get a better look at my leggings. 

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