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alwomen | النساء

muslim_students_killed_triptych_cc_imgMuslims generally need to understand that being pro-Muslim in any way shape or form is not cool or in fashion and anybody in the public eye who advocates for Muslim rights will not be heard but will rather be shooed a way like a bad smell. The portrayal of Muslims in the media is reflective of the level of fear and concern governments around the world instil in their citizens.

The American consciousness has ignored serial killers, mass murderers and spree killers and has not accepted them as an equal threat to society as outside terrorism is, but instead see them as a series of singular events that happen and end in a few seconds and where justice can not be served and if it is, it is served either quietly or lightly. Either way, these types of murderers are not made an example of because their threat is not to the government…

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