Some people define Love as a feeling that begats actions (such as self-sacrifice). I have found, in the course of my life, that this traditional definition of this concept (one that is admittedly difficult to pin-point) is flawed at best. In fact, the inverse is true: Love is a series of actions- one might even say a lifestyle- which begats feelings. These feelings awaken us to the Love that was already there, unnoticed and unselfish.

True Love is not founded upon feeling. If it was, it wouldn’t be the concrete and steadfast rock upon which we all, more or less, base our lives. Rather it would be as unpredictable and unstable as sand, and basing oneself upon it would be like basing oneself upon the open seas! Sheer foolishness!

True Love is made of selfless action which asks for no reciprocation and which is done without a trace of self-interest. It arouses feelings in both the doer and in the recipient which are beyond expression and which drive the person possessing them to continue in loving action. Love by its very nature is payed forward and reciprocated. When the chain reaction halts, Love is removed and replaced with either indifference (at best) or (hate at worst).

This snowball effect known as Love (of which there are many forms- romance, brotherly affection, friendship, paternal care) is world-transforming and earth-shaking. It improves every heart it touches. It shatters barriers. It breaks down the walls of hate, fear, selfishness, and anger. It is Light, and where it resides, darkness is removed, the blinders fall away, and Peace takes root.

This force begins and ends with YOU. You have the power to change the world- and little by little, each of us does change the world every day. The question isn’t, “Will you change the world?” but, “HOW will you change the world?” The choice is yours; will you penetrate the darkness with Loving Light or allow it to persist?